Baileys Millennium Hotel

Baileys at Christmas

Our Hotel Room In London

Nice Size Room, but still small

Paul McCartney's Office

Laurie at Abby Road

Well, you just gotta do
"The Walk"!
Peter at Abby Road Studios

3 Saville Row Where the Roof Top Concert was held

The Start of a Hunted Pub Crawl


Are you Scared by this Church?

Well, then Lets Have Another Beer

Laurie at Tower Bridge


Us at London Tower


The London Tower

The White Tower

Laurie in the Tower

Henry the VIII's Thrown (seems kinda small eh?)

Human Statue

Human Statue Attacks

Party at the Pub... the Pub...

Ok then, HOW DO YOU roll your own cigarette??

We have know Idea Who this is

Trafalgar Square

Laurie and David Bowie? Just Piss'n with 'ya!

Buckingham Palace