Last Smoke at the Airport

Our Flight Plan

Our Hotel In Paris

Just A SMALL Room

The College Of Paris Near our Hotel

The College Of Paris


King Charlemain at
Notre Dame


King Charlemain at
Notre Dame


Notre Dame


Joan Of Arc


Notre Dame Stain Glass

Paris Square

Escargot Anyone?

Laurie & Peter in the Pub

Look, it's the Eiffel Tower

Don't Make Me Go Up There


Oh God You Got Me Up Here

The River Seine

Gold Pegasus

Friends, Gary and his son Garrett from CA.


Dancing with Garrett at the Greek Restaurant (Opah!)

Laurie Dancing with the Old Man

A Whopping $15.50 Beer

Louis XIV at the Louvre

Laurie at the Louvre

Peter in line to see some chick named Mona

Wow She's a Hottie

French Revolution

A Classic

  Veggie Heads  

Venus DeMillo

Laurie and Venus

Paris's Oldest Bridge

The Train to London

Laurie Chilling at 200mph